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Making home buying a reality for millions of Americans

Buying your dream home can be difficult, but American Pledge provides people with a new and more efficient way to meet their home buying goals.
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Traditional lending no longer works
Creating a “new layer” of protection to help the homeowner in the event of unexpected expenses

The nation’s 86 million millennials and growing immigrant communities (many of which are credit worthy but are being denied access to mortgage debt), are expected to produce about 1.2 million new households a year for the next ten years.

Down Payment

is the single Greatest Disparity to expanding credit to homebuyers, credit score 2nd.
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of non-homeowners say student loan debt is preventing them from buying a home.


of U.S. households are “free and clear,” meaning they no longer have a home mortgage
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Home Buyers

We offer an innovative & financially responsible solution to home buyers who have previously been rejected or perceive themselves as unqualifiable.
•  Reduce risk of loan default
•  Lower PMI cost
•  Lower your risk profile
•  A new layer of protection
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Real estate investors and partners
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American Pledge is a mortgage loan resource that is designed to be a first line of defense to avoid costly defaults and foreclosures
•  Reduce overall risk
•  Avoid more foreclosures
•  Unlock a new pool of buyers
•  Create more loans
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This layer of cash is created from multiple sources to include:  the seller, real estate firms, insurance companies,  foundations, and millions of businesses comprised of over 400 industries and sub-industries (NAHB) which have an intrinsic relationship with the Housing sector.
•  Foundations
•  Institusions
•  Private Investors
•  5%-10% ROI
•  Group escrow funds
•  A new investment vehicle
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A paradigm shift in the mortgage lending process

American Pledge and it’s participants provide a reserve fund which helps homeowners avoid making financial choices which could lead to Default, Foreclosure, and Family Well-Being